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OK. So, Let’s settle this “gun violence” issue, once and for all!

This afternoon, Tuesday, September 3rd, Walmart announced that they will no longer sell firearms in Alaska and will no longer sell pistol ammunition nationwide.  This, according to their CEO, was their contribution to curbing the gun violence in America.

Well, this will NOT curb gun violence in America.  It will do NOTHING to stop it.  This was nothing more than WALMART’s major, national effort to beat down the second amendment in this country!

“Wait a minute“, you may shout!  “They are still selling rifles, shotguns and ammo for them.  That’s not doing away with the second amendment!”  Well before you get your britches in a wad, let me explain what I mean.

Those who hate the 2nd. Amendment and want to see it done away with, have begun to argue, effectively I might add, that the 2nd. Amendment, “doesn’t say anything about ammo!”.  You see, a firearm without ammunition is nothing but a slab of steel and plastic.  So if the liberal gun haters in this country can‘t get rid of the guns because of that pesky 2nd. Amendment, then they’ll just go at it by doing away with the ammunition!  California has already realized the value of this anti-2nd. approach by instituting a “bullet tax” In their state.  

I’ve been saying that soon, someone will see the light of this sneaky process and make a larger effort on a national scale to curb or take away our gun rights by moving forward with this attack on the availability of our ammunition.

Congrats Walmart!  They have lobbed the largest salvo yet in this war on the 2nd. That anyone has lobbed.  By simply dumping the sale of pistol ammo, they have PROGRESSED the anti-2nd. Amendment cause light years ahead of where it was before this!

Now mind you, they are still selling rifle and shotgun ammo.  But, let’s not forget the fact that the last two major shootings in this country were done with RIFLES.......not pistols.  So, what do they think they are accomplishing by banning the sale of pistol ammo?  NOTHING!  NADA!  ZILCH! ZERO!  They are actually accomplishing NOTHING at all in curbing mass shootings in this country By taking this action!

The ONLY thing Walmart has done is make it harder for LAW ABIDING, CONSTITUTIONALLY ALLOWED, LEGAL, GOOD CITIZENS of this country to buy ammo for their guns!  They are ATTACKING the LAW ABIDING citizen that has blessed them with spending their  shopping dollar at Walmart all these years.  That’s ALL they are doing.

They talked about how they want to continue to sell the long rifle ammo and shotgun ammo for the deer hunter and sports enthusiast for the upcoming hunting seasons.  They forget that all those deer hunters and “sports enthusiasts” also carry pistols into the woods with them.  Now, they’re going to have to go to another store by buy ammo for those weapons for the hunting season.  I’ll beat plenty of Walmart hunters will just go somewhere else so that they can shop for it all in one place.  We’ll see.  

I hope that this backfires on Walmart in such a way that it helps them realize the idiotic nonsense of their actions.  They have allowed the liberal, gun hating, 2nd. amendment hating, constitution hating, lobbyists to guide their actions rather than the good, American citizens who follow the law and spend their hard earned money at their stores.  We need to let Walmart know that WE, the everyday Joe Americans that plop down our $ on their counters, that WE are the ones they need to listen to.  Not the gun haters in DC and New York.

I really doubt that Walmart will be hurt much by these actions.  In far too many communities Walmart is the only department type store that people have available to shop in.  HOWEVER, I URGE ALL AMERICANS.....IF YOU CAN BUY IT AT ANOTHER STORE, AND YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, THEN BUY ELSEWHERE.  Let Walmart know by your simple action of shopping somewhere else, that you REGRET AND DISAGREE WITH THEIR ATTACK ON OUR SECOND AMENDMENT FREEDOMS!


The p-11:30 gospel presentation outline

Here is a simple Gospel Presentation that you can memorize and share often with others!


Eternal Life

Romans 6:23a

Abundant Life

John 10:10


Sin and Death

Romans 3:23; 6:23b

Separated from God

Isaiah 59:2



John 3:16

Grace Not Works

Ephesians 2:8, 9


Receive Jesus

John 1:12

Turn to God and Believe

Acts 20:21

Call upon the Name of the Lord

Romans 10:13